Welcome to our site. 

This site will keep users up to date on how the rapidly changing world of apps for portable devices like ipads and phones can be used to support learning.  Not only will we review apps that developers specifically target at the education community, we will show how apps developed for more general applications can be tailored to support learning.  

Because of our particular expertise in literacy, we will focus on how research-based literacy "best practices" like reading, writing and discussing can support learning in the various disciplines through the use of apps--digital tools that, with increasing sophistication, can enhance the way students learn in various disciplines.  

This site supports our recently published book, Using Apps for Learning with Literacy Across the Curriculum published by Routledge Press in both print and e-book versions and available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Routledge.

We also have a resource site with links, apps, and readings related to the topics in the book.